The Horses



The horses at Ryun Livestock are an important part of our daily lives.  They are trusted partners that we recreate with, work with, and trust our children with.  Each of our horses is expected to put in a day of work when needed - and stay out of trouble when not needed.  As our children grow, we are changing gears a bit from an operation focused more on breeding to an operation focused more on using.  While our mares are always great minded and will pull double duty of being a 'working mom', it can be a tough job - and a bit hard on the kids to be riding a mare with a foal tagging along!  While we were planning on adding more geldings and less mares - and what a better place to start with geldings then own sons of our beloved stallion, Straws Mighty Magnum, Magnum had other ideas and supplied us with fillies! 


You will continue to see a foal here and there - and our support for all Magnum babies already out there will continue, but you will start hearing and seeing more show and working pictures - and lots more with our children aboard. 


Jacob and Kristine have been completing some programs and courses through the Beef Quality Assurance recently to provide confidence to our buyers that our livestock is raised properly.  One of the programs, which Kristine completed, was the Humane Equine Management program.


Please enjoy viewing our 'spotted' partners - the wonderful, versatile Appaloosa horse that we trust day in and day out here at Ryun Livestock.


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