The Prospects

The up and coming generation is so very important.  Each year we pick the best crosses and then dream for the next 11months about what the little bundles of joy will look like...and then we get to watch them grow in to the prospects we had planned them to be!  As the kids get older, they too participate and eagerly pick and argue a bit over who will get to show each youngster. 




Catching Fire

4/25/19  |  Amber Champange Characteristic Filly  |  ApHC # 687186

Straws Mighty Magnum x My Pride Asset (AQHA)

"Katniss" is by Magnum and is out of our Appendix Mare, My Pride Asset, or "Sadie".  Sadie is an own daughter of Good Asset, and is proving herself in the breeding shed.  We are pretty excited about the future of this filly.  We were hoping to get her in the showpen as a weanling, but after an incident with mud and a fence, it didn't happen.  Abby has called dibs on her and was an improtant part of her healing as a weanling.  She worked patiently with her as a yearling and has been slowly starting to ride her late in 2021.  They are already earning points in the show pen - and I can't wait to see this pair doing hunter under saddle in a couple of years!  This mare has a lot of leg and body already as a 2 year old with a gorgeous long trot, and will only get better as she ages.  Pair that with Abby's long it!

5 panel N/N by parentage testing, GBED status unknown


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Class Life Points 2020 Points
Open Hunter in Hand Mares 1.5 0.5
Open Ladies' Heritage 4.0 4.0
Open Two-Year-Old Mares 1.0 1.0
Youth Camas Prairie Stump Race 18 & Under 1.5 1.5
Youth Halter Mares 1.0 1.0
Youth Heritage 18 & Under 3.0 3.0
Youth Hunter In Hand Mares 4.5 2.5
Youth Nez Perce Stake Race 18 & Under 0.5 0.5


UnderColor Agent

5/14/2020  |  Amber Champagne Characteristic Filly  |  ApHC # 689045
Straws Mighty Magnum x My Pride Asset (AQHA)

"Sarah" is a full sister to Catching Fire, "Katniss".  They couldn't look much more alike!  We are excited for a bright future with Sarah.  She is a powerhouse of a filly, and has a bit of an attitude to match.  She can lope all day out on pasture and do lead change every stride if she's in the mood.  I think she will be a fun one!   We have plans to get her in the show pen a bit in 2022 as a 2 year old.  She is every bit as nice as her older sister - just not enough hours in a day!

5 panel N/N by parentage testing, GBED status unknown


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Dialed Up The Color

6/24/20  |  Chestnut Blanketed Filly   |  ApHC #  689046
Straws Mighty Magnum x Dial Alice

"Emma" was only planned by Alice, her momma.  One day in early July 2019, Alice decided to crawl through 2 electric, 4 wire fences (YES!  They were VERY hot), and get in by Magnum.  Alice was suppose to be retired...  :)  So, we have Miss Emma - and what a doll she is!  She is always the first up to you in pasture and will quietly stand for all of the love you want to give her.   She is probably the most chill baby we have ever had.  While she is really a late baby, we are excited to watch her grow up and see where things go.  Kyle took her under his wing late summer 2021 and they have become quite a pair.  He has big plans for this little filly.

PSSM N/N by parentage


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At Full Draw

4/16/21  |  Bay with Spots Gelding   |  ApHC #  691200
Straws Mighty Magnum x My Pride Asset (AQHA)

We finally got a colt!  And a bay!  And spots!  "Archer" is a full brother to both Catching Fire and UnderColor Agent.  He is a really nice colt that, for once, Kristine has dibs on!  She is already looking forward to getting him in the show pen and working on the ranch in the years to come.  He has a bit of spice from time to time, but most of that seems to come from needing 10 days of antibiotic shots as a newborn due to an umbilical issue.  He is slowly coming around and is a quick learner.  We are hoping to get him in the show pen for a little experience yet this fall. 

5 panel N/N by parentage testing, GBED status unknown


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Class Life Points 2020 Points
Youth Halter Geldings 0.5 0.5


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