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Have you been thinking about building a website to promote your business, farm or other services, but are often scared off by the high prices or huge packages that don't seem to fit your needs?  Please, check us out!  We specialize in custom web design for the small business and are willing to work with you to design a web site that will fit your needs without having to pay for all of the 'extras' that you don't need.


Having a website allows you to reach from your own backyard to around the World with your business ventures.   Having your own place on the web provides you with valuable marketing at an affordable price.


Do you currently have a website that is out of date?  Or maybe you don't like your current design or administrator?  We will take over existing websites, give them a facelift and you'll be back in business with a fresh look on the web.  These often require custom quotes, so please contact us for more information.


Since 2004 we have been designing and maintaining websites for a variety of businesses; however, we have been designing and maintaining our own websites since 2001.  Our primary focus is with the Equine Industry, but we are willing to venture out and try new things!  We provide custom web design at a reasonable price to fit your needs.  It is our goal to work with you throughout the lifetime of your website to make sure the website being created is what you want.  If you aren't exactly sure how you want it designed and laid out, we will take care of that, too.  We understand this is to be your 'home on the web' and want to make sure it fits you and your operation.  Please click on the images to the left and right to view some examples of our work.


We can also do ads, business cards and address labels - just ask!



Starter: Normally used as a "For Sale" or "Stud Page". Gives you enough room to add plenty of pictures and information. Very basic.

1 Page |  Up to 12 photos  |  Basic Updates for up to 12 Months


 Basic: This is a good deal for a smaller farm with a stud, sales list and basic information to provide.  Also works well for a small business, or someone looking to get their feet wet on the Web.

Up to 6 pages  |  Flexible on Photos  |  Video Space  |  Plus many extras!  


Semi: A great package for a farm with a stud or two, sales list, mares & foals - or a training/breeding operation.  More room to display information on the farm, sales, training services, show ring highlights, etc.

Up to 12 Pages  |  Plenty of Photo Room  |  Video Space  |  Plus many extras!


Pro: The perfect package for a larger operation, or one that wants to make sure Viewers can access plenty of information about their operation!  Works great for a stallion station or a place with multiple stallions or mares and foals - even a large training operation.  Provides lots of room to keep Viewers updated!

Up to 18 Pages  |  Plenty of Photo Room  |  Video Space  |  Plus many extras!




Web Design will be priced on a per case basis.

Regular Updates
Text, Photo*, Video*  $40.00 1st Hour, $20 each additional
Min Charge of $40
*Does NOT include New Layout, Background Changes, or addition of Pages*
*Does NOT include photo or video editing - only basic resizing or cropping.

Updates are available for purchase in 'Blocks' of Hours with web renewal.  Min. charge of 30min per update.
3 hours:  $68      6 hours:  $119    9 hours:  $170


Adding Page to Existing Site $25.00

Photo/Video Editing $50.00 first hour, $25 each additional
Min. Charge of $50
In addition to update charges

Other Charges Quoted As Needed

*Prices Subject to Change




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