The Cows


Kristine spoiling her favorite cow, #16, with cake - winter 2012/2013


Our cows are one of the most vital pieces of our operation.  A quiet, gentle, easy to handle, maternal, good fleshing cow will pass many of these characterisitics on to her resulting calves - and also, to be honest, make our daily jobs a whole lot easier and spend less time jumping fences - or repairing fences!  We enjoy our cows and nearly all of them will take cake out of your hand and a few don't mind a scratchin' either. 


Our herd is now made up of 100% replacement heifers we have raised ourselves.  They are raised out on summer pasture, in late October/early November, they come back to the homestead to be weaned.  From there we sort through and pick the best to retain.  They are then raised over winter in a smaller pasture where we bucket feed them daily.  Early in their yearling year, they received their pre-breeding vaccinations.  Then they head out to summer pasture and buls are turned out June 23 each year.  The cycle then repeats...all exposed heifers and cows are brought home in late October/early November where they are checked for pregnancy and turned out to pasture at home for the winter - until mid March when we pull them up a little closer to the house in preparation for calving to start about April 1!

You won't get to know these ladies as well as our bulls, but they are no less important.  Just by numbers I'll never put them all up, and our mother cows are also not registered - they are commercial cows, so I don't have as much information on them.  You'll just have to keep an eye out for the ladies in pictures on Facebook with their calves, or when they are my favorite like our late #16 (pictured above) cow you may get more than just a glimpse. 


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