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Topp Binford 0487

8/11/2020 - AAA # 20127301

Topp Binford 8343 x Topp Flower 4305


"Binford" was slightly purchased by accident.  We ended up 'in' on the wrong bid for how they were called...and ended up coming home with this guy!  He is a pretty thick guy and should add some pounds to our cow calves in 2023 - but will NOT be used on heifers.  :)  His first calf crop with us will be 2023.  Binford was purchased from Topp Angus, Grace City, ND


Expected EPD
+1 +5.8 +98 +168 +27



Topp Renown 9864

9/14/2019 - AAA # *19737054

SAV Renown 3439 x TA Pride 3752


"Renown" was actually not a bull that was on our short list when we headed to the sale.  When Adam and Kristine were walking through pens, he kept catching their eye...and ended up on the list.  He has continued to impress us through his first breeding season - keeping excellent flesh while being very active.  His first calf crop for us was 2022.  Renown was purchased from Topp Angus, Grace City, ND


Expected EPD
+14 -1.5 +59 +103 +28


Reference bulls:


Topp Freal 9033

1/9/2019 - AAA #

TC Freal 625 x Topp Eileen 6213


"Bob" was a late season acquision.  When we purchased "Cinco", Adam wanted so badly to bring home a SVA The Donald bull...had I known "Transformer" was going to not test, we would have!  When the list of heifer bulls to choose from came in, this guy couldn't help but catch our eye.  Once Adam learned his dam is a maternal sister to SVA The Donald, it was pretty much a done deal!  He is a younger bull with a mix of newer and tried and true blood in our herd.  We look forward to seeing his production in 2021-2023.  Topp Freal was purchased from Topp Angus, Grace City, ND


Expected EPD
+11 -.6 +43 +71 +23



Topp Capitalist 6050

2/4/2016 - AAA # +18639488

Connealy Capitalist 028 x Mohnan Erianna 2576


"Theodore's" first calf crop arrived Spring 2018 with us, and he keeps testing and putting some awesome calves on the ground, so he stays.  His overall docile disposition doesn't hurt, either.  His sire, Connealy Capitalist, is a known cow maker, with known calving ease - that adds body mass and width every time.  His dam is out of Leachman Right Time - a known cow maker, producing easy fleshing, moderate framed cows.  He has put some nice calves on the ground for us and we look forward to his continued production.  He sired calves for us from 2018-2023 calf crops.  Pictured in 2017 and the top 2 May 2021.  Topp Captilaist 6050 was purchased from Topp Angus, Grace City, ND.


Expected EPD
+11 -.6 +43 +71 +23




Topp Dakota 8360

8/9/2018 - AAA # +19456445

Mohnen South Dakota 402 x Topp Forever 5029


"Cinco" was an exciting addition for Adam.  He was my partner in crime on sale day!  His job was to do the bidding while I followed the catalog and our choice bulls.  He could hardly contain his exceitment when the auctioneer announced, "SOLD! To this young man right here in the front!"  We are looking forward to Cinco's first calf crop in 2021.  He continues to mature in to a beautiful animal and I think he will be one of our top producing herd sires.  Topp Dakota 8360 was purchased from Topp Angus, Grace City, ND.


Expected EPD
+3 +3.2 +60 +106 +26




Topp Dakota 8409

8/24/2018 - AAA # 19456441

Mohnen South Dakota 402 x TA Ruby 3737


"Lightening" was not a planned addition for us - and is how he earned his name.  Unfortunately, as part of life, we lost "Diverse" when he was struck by lightening out on pasture this summer.   Thankfully, we were able to pick this guy up as a replacement - and he is a half brother to one of our favorites, "Cinco".  Topp Dakota 8409 was purchased from Topp Angus, Grace City, ND.


Expected EPD
+1 +4 +61 +113 +18



Flying V Transformer 178F

3/13/2018 - AAA # 19225788

Flying V Transformer x Flying V Anita 60X


"Transformer" was a replacement all-around bull.  He gave us some nice calves in 2020, but unfortunately failed to test in the Spring of 2020 for the 2020 breeding season.  It was sad to lose such a promising young herd sire.  Flying V Transformer was purchased from Flying V Angus, Cleveland, ND


Expected EPD
+3 +3.4 +69 +120 +20





Flying V Diverse 36F

2/9/2018 - AAA # *19228874

KCF Bennett Diverse x Flying V Bells Wing 61D


"Diverse" is a replacement heifer bull for us.  He is bringing in a bit of new blood, and a good range of stats. 
Diverse was sadly lost in a summer storm out on pasture in 2020.  Another promising young bull lost too soon.  Flying V Diverse 36F was purchased from Flying V Angus, Cleveland, ND 


Expected EPD
+13 +.3 +63 +113 +32



Flying V Rampage 22D

2/10/2016 - AAA # 18576546

Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36 x Flying V Sarah 11B


"Alvin's" first calf crop will arrive Spring 2018.  His numbers show a bit stronger weaning and yearling weights, and we are excited to cross him on our Bully & JD daughters.  His sire, Quaker Hill Rampage combines calving ease with some impressive growth and performance.  We hope his son will follow in his hoofprints!  "Alvin" was a bit of a fighter around here and sustained a 'career ending' injury at the beginning of the 2019 breeding season.  Flying V Rampage 22D was purchased from Flying V Angus, Cleveland, ND.


Expected EPD
+13 -.5 +70 +117 +30


Topp Captilaist 5398

9/11/2015 - AAA # +18438165

Connealy Capitalist 028 x TC Peggy 5092


"Simon" was sought out due to his slightly older age.  We wanted to add a bit more of a mature bull to the breeding line-up.  He is a 1/2 brother to "Theodore", above, through their sire.  Simon's dam is TC Peggy out of the known TC Angus line down in Nebraska.  Her sire is TC Freedom 104, a bull that sires thick, good hipped calves in a moderate package.  Topp Capitalist 5398 was purchased from Topp Angus, Grace City, ND. 


Expected EPD
+5 +1.8 +49 +86 +27




MCD SF Bismark 1309

3/28/2011 - AAA # +17045963

SAV Bismarck 5682 x SBP Rita 5127


"Bully's" first calf crop arrived Spring 2013 and we are very pleased.  Moderate sized calves with good growth rates and gain that are easy to handle and work.  Bully, himself, is a pretty easy guy to have around.  We are excited to add his daughters to our cowherd with his strong lines.  "Bully" is an own son of SAV Bismarck 5682 - who was the breed's #2 registration sire in 2012 - and is a popular calving ease sire that stamps his low birthweight, early gestation progeny with extra ribeye area, muscle shape and style.  SBP Rita 5127 is a daughter of Bon View New Design 1407, a calving ease sire known for producing pathfinder females with eye appeal.  MCD SF Bismark 1309 was purchased from McDonnell Angus.


Expected EPD
+11 +.3 +50 +91 +31




Flying V Upward 136Z

3/14/2012 - AAA # 17359008

Sitz Upward 307R x Stevenson Zara 28T3


We have yet to come up with a name for 136Z, but we are excited about his addition to our herd.  We will be expecting his first calf crop in 2014.  He is a good sized yearling bull, with some great genetics and EPDs backing him.  His sire is Sitz Upward 307R, a strong sire with near flawless EPDs and a pedigree packed with proven production power.  Stevenson Zara 28T3 is a daughter of 21AR Coal Bank C014 who ranks in the top 10% as a calving ease sire and his progeny are known for being deep bodied and good gain.  136Z has a good expected EPD spread and strong calving ease - a bit stronger in both areas than Bully.  He is easy to handle and can be quite vocal especially around the ladies.  Flying V Upward 136Z was purchased from Vandeberghe's Flying V Angus. 


Expected EPD
+13 -1.1 +56 +110 +34


REFERENCE BULL - 2015 AI Bull (for 2016 Calves)

Connealy Right Answer 746

1/13/2007 - AAA # 15832750

SAV Final Answer 0035 x Happy Dell of Conanga 262


With many of our 2 herd bulls' daughters making replacement heifers in our herd, we wanted to breed them out while still being able to keep our boys a bit longer.  We chose Connealy Right Answer 746 for a few reasons.  One, this line is supposed to cross well on SAV Bismark daughters (which we have a son of).  The second, we liked the spread of his EPD's for crossing on our heifers.  We were also looking for 2 similar bred bulls to use on AI for the next 2 seasons to plan for when we need to replace our herd bulls.  We are very excited to see our first AI calves arrive in 2016!


Expected EPD
+12 -0.4 +67 +122 +29



REFERENCE BULL - 2015 AI Bull (for 2016 calves)

MAR Innovation 251

2/3/2011 - AAA # 16983331

Connealy Impression x MAR Final Kahuna 856 (daughter of SAV Final Answer 0035)


This bull we chose to try AI on a couple of our cows.  We chose a bit stronger of values in the weaning and yearling weights while giving up a bit of maternal value - as his get still rate his as far as docility.   He brings a lot to the table while still supporting some of the traits we love about our cows.   And, still being of simliar lines to our other 2015 AI bull.  He is another we are looking forward to seeing calves from!


Expected EPD
+8 +2 +83 +131 +15



REFERENCE BULL - some of our 2014 calves are by this bull.

Flying V Aberdeen 157Z

3/21/2012 - AAA # 17499663

TC Aberdeen 759 x Flying V Pride of Angel 72W


Due to a minor injury that will keep Flying V Upward 136Z out fo the breeding pen for a bit, we had to pull in a back-up bull.  Thankfully, Vandeberghe's Flying V Angus had a replacement we were able to borrow for the remainder of the breeding season.  He is not as strong as a calving ease bull, but has good numbers and is backed by some strong genetics.  His sire TC Aberdeen 759 is a know calving ease bull with low birth weight numbers.  TC Aberdeen 759 has been used to enhance outcross pedigree, calving ease, carcass value and maternal strength.  Flying V Aberdeen 157Z's dam has a lot backing her, as well.  She is an own daughter of Sitz Upward 307R and her maternal line goes to Schaff Angus Valley stock - S A V 8180 Traveler 004 is her maternal grandsire.  We are pleased with our fill-in bull on paper and in person - and anxious to see what he puts on the ground next spring!   Excuse the pictures - I realized just before returning him to Flying V that we didn't have any pictures of him!


Expected EPD
+8 +2.8 +61 +105 +33



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